Vancouver / New York

Gap Advertising

In 2011 I started working with Laird + Partners and our small team created multiple campaigns for the iconic all-American brand. This included the Fall and Spring for both Mens and Womens 2011 collections as well as the 1969 denim sub-brand. We also did two separate campaigns for GapKids. These all included print ads as well as online videos.

The constant challenge with Gap is to keep it fresh given it’s tight brand guidelines at the time. We needed the campaigns to feel bold and modern but at the same time offer something new and fresh. I was the art director at the time and my role was to concept and storyboard the ideas for multiple campaigns for each season. We then worked closely with the photographer, editors and post-production to make sure our ideas were correctly brought to life.


Gap Opposites Attract Fall 2011

Gap Spring 2011 Made In The Shade

Gap Soft Womens Spring 2011

Gap Mens Khaki Spring 2011

Gap 1969 Spring 2011

Gap Shorts Summer 2011

Gap Kids Twist & Twirl Summer 2011

Gap Kids Havana Summer 2011